How can you mend a broken blog?

Hello guys!

(as if anybody is reading this post)

I wrote a couple of blog post back in the heyday of Indonesian NTU students’ blogosphere (at the and of 2007, that was). Just a couple of post, and after a while I figured it’s not all that easy, so after those I could only wrote some lousy post (like website reviews, riddles and stuff) and then abandoned the blog altogether. And you see, that blog is (or rather, was) a blogspot site, and a couple of years back I realised that blogpost design was so alay (in the bad sense of the word). So I decided to shift the whole thing here and thought, should I ever want to write again, I thought I would continue here.

It’s not that I have no topic to write about. Occasionally some topic occurred to me, but it’s always either: I ended up being too lazy to do anything about it, or I feel the topic are not so significant that it would be weird if I restart writing just for some unimportant rant. As if anybody were going to read it. Anyway, I think writing is a good thing to do, and I hope I can write something again. Some topics that might come up

  • general random thought
  • tidbits about my recent travels (one of them was in France last month, yoohoo!)
  • smartass articles
  • my comments about current events

Okay, maybe that’s all for know. Only God knows whether I will write again, but I hope I will. Ciao!

How can you mend a broken blog?

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